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Providing a relaxed, supportive, and educational atmosphere for those who are non-human identified.

    How to Become Affiliated with FN


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    How to Become Affiliated with FN Empty How to Become Affiliated with FN

    Post  Sharden Mon Jun 04, 2012 11:13 am

    How to Become Affiliated with FN Button10

    If you would like to become an affiliate with Feral Nature, your site or forum must meet the following:

    1. Be Otherkin, Therian, or non-human related.
    2. Not be pornographic or hostile in nature.
    3. Must place a link or linked graphic on your forum or site linking back to Feral nature.
    4. Have been approved by a staff member.

    If your site meets this criteria, please send an email to feralnatureforums@gmail.com


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    Anthro Otherkin (Google+ Community
    Dragonkin Grove (Dragon Google+ Community)

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