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Providing a relaxed, supportive, and educational atmosphere for those who are non-human identified.

    Expectations: You and FG


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    Expectations: You and FG Empty Expectations: You and FG

    Post  Talon Tue Jan 06, 2015 4:22 pm

    What you can expect from Feral Grove:

    1. Members can expect to be treated fairly and with no bias from Staff.
    2. None of your sign-up information or posts will ever be shared by Staff outside of FG.
    3. Members will never be charged real money to use any features of this forum. Ever.
    4. Members can expect fluctuations in posting activity.  Due to work, school, family, holidays, and life in general, posting can fluctuate between periods of inactivity to being quite active.  Please be patient during lulls.
    5. Users should expect that, because this is a forum, any posts made can be responded to (with exception of the journal area).

    What Feral Grove expects from it's members:

    1. Members should expect different opinions than their own and should learn proper etiquette in how to carry on discussions and debates in a civilized manner so that animosity does not arise.  If you cannot handle diversity, you likely have no business being on the internet at all.
    2. Expect to have your beliefs and opinions challenged in a friendly manner.  Members or Staff may ask you questions, post commentary, or offer their own opinions about what you have to say.  This is integral to growing as an individual, and a healthy way to carry conversations.
    3. Everyone is expected to read and follow the rules.

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