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    The Rules - Read First!


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    The Rules - Read First! Empty The Rules - Read First!

    Post  Sharden on Mon May 28, 2012 11:44 am

    The Rules - Please read
    Please be sure to read and follow all rules carefully in order to gain access to the forum

    Attention new members or members who have not yet posted an introduction.
    After reading the rules entirely upon registration, you will be asked to tell us who referred you here.  You must provide the name of a current user of this forum that referred you.  Once we verify the referral, your account will be activated. If you cannot provide a referral, you will have to go through the verification process which simply requires answering some questions in the "Knowing You Better" thread . Your next step will be to post an Introduction before you will have posting access to the rest of the forum and if you are unverified (did not have an invite/referral), access will be granted upon completion of required posting. Access to the rest of the forum will be granted by an Administrator after following the aforementioned steps.

    1. Be Respectful
    Please be respectful of each other in all areas of the site. Keep in mind that everyone is different, and with that, comes differing views on politics, religion, etc... Arguments stemming from disagreements will be reviewed by a moderator and reprimands issued where needed. Having said that, keep it friendly folks.

    2. Keep it clean
    This forum is PG-13. Please refrain from using vulgar language, actions, talking about illegal activities, or linking to any off-site content that might be considered pornographic, illegal, or harmful in any manner.

    3. Art theft - Plagiarism
    Please do not claim any form of art, music, or written works as your own if you do not own them.

    4. Grandiose claims
    While we do understand that some of you may claim to be of a higher heritage than others, please do not make grandiose claims of being "The Lord Dragon of all Dragons" or "The Ultimate King of All" and so on. Claims of this sort are frowned upon, annoying, and will get you a warning.  In this forum, we're all equals.

    5. Roleplaying
    While we do have an area just for those of you who wish to participate in roleplaying, please do not roleplay outside of that designated area. More indepth roleplaying rules are available in that area. Please read them carefully.

    6. Don't feed the trolls
    If you join for the sake of causing trouble, you will be banned. No questions asked.

    7. Chat speak and Smilies
    Please refrain from using chat speak. Having to read things taht lok lyke dis iz knda anoyng. kk?  Also, please limit the amount of smilies/emoticons that you use.  No one really wants to see smiley spam.

    8. First impressions
    Please post an introduction of yourself in the intro thread once you have read the rules. Tell us a bit about yourself such as what your species is, what reasons you have for identifying that way, why you decided to join us, and anything at all that you'd like to share. We welcome all species even if you don't know what you are!

    9. Disputes
    If you have an issue with another member of the forums, please PM Talon or Kai with the username and the issue that you're having. Please be aware that any individuals caught bullying, harrassing, or any other inappropriate behavior targeted towards members of this forum will be reprimanded.

    10. Debating - The proper way
    Please be aware that there may be instances where debates take place in threads. The proper way to debate something is to make your case based on information and/or sources deemed credible. If you are stating an opinion, please be sure to acknowledge that.  If, at any time, you feel like you can no longer maturely debate a topic without feeling upset, remove yourself from the conversation by not posting in that thread until you can do so without the flaring emotions.  If debates take a turn for the worse, warnings will be issued to the offending users.

    11. Double posting
    Please utilize the "Edit" or "Modify" feature of your posts if you need to make adjustments or additions immediately.  Double posting is allowed if there have been no posts in a topic for at least 7 days.

    12. Only One Account
    Members are allowed only one account per user. If you are a "system", simply denote who's speaking in your posts.

    13. Information abuse
    Information by way of posts from individual users can not be used unless given permission to do so by the original poster. Outsiders quoting information from the forum must have permission to do so. Any member citing information outside of the forum in a malicious manner will have their forum account banned.

    14. Account Inactivity
    Accounts inactive by a year or more will have their membership status removed.  In order to regain access to the entire forum, users will need to make a new introductory post.

    15. Drama Has No Home Here  
    If you have issues with a member of another forum or a user of other media types such as Tumblr, Facebook, and so on, please leave your arguments outside of Feral Grove as it has no place in here.  Members here who instigate drama outside of the forum should continue to keep their problems outside of the forum and not bring it in.  Drama serves to do nothing more than create hostile environments for everyone, even those who aren’t directly involved.   Please continue to help us make strides to keep Feral Grove drama free.

    16. Chatroom
    Same rules that apply for the forum also apply to the chatroom when it's open.

    Please be aware that rules can and will change as the need arises. Any changes will be made known to all users.

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